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1951 Topps Magic Football

In 1951 Topps produced its second set of football cards, this one much more mainstream looking compared to 1950 Feltbacks.  The Magic cards have a charm and uniqueness that is appealing.  We have added nearly half the set to our inventory, all PSA graded and all with the rub-off quiz intact.  If you are building a high grade unrubbed set, looking for a nice type specimen, or collecting cards from your alma mater this is a great opportunity to add to your collection.  As always please see our selection of vintage football and baseball in our growing inventory.

200 new items added at

We have been doing some serious purchasing over the last six months and are beginning to make available many of those items. Included in those purchases are 1935 National Chicle football, N302 Mayo's, vintage football program and tickets as early as 1876, and two collections of Topps and Bowman origanl proofs, artwork, and production pieces. As always thanks for your business!

MSB Musings

It has been nearly five years since MSB Sports Cards was formed with the philosophy/theme of "collectors first". Andy and I met as collectors, became friends, and later formed what has become a very fulfilling business. We still operate MSB with the perspective of collectors first; and are pleased to announce the addition of yet another collector to the MSB team, Brian Terjung. Brian strengthens MSB by bringing a strong knowledge of pre-war baseball as well as an excellent reputation within the hobby.

MSB Sports Cards at the 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention

For the fourth consecutive year, MSB Sports Cards will be buying, selling, and trading at the National Sports Collectors Convention (this year held in Chicago).  We will be occupying booths 401P and 403P.  If you are at the show stop by and say hello, if you can't make it we will be open for business as usual and filling orders through the website. 


Over 250 new items added at MSB Sports Cards!

We have added over 250 new items to our inventory recently including N172 Old Judges (with many more to be added in the near future), NFL guides, National Chicle football, R311 baseball and football premiums, some rare early NFL pieces including a 1922 Canton Bulldogs composite, graded Bowman football, Dixie Lids and premiums, Rogers Peet cards, and E254 Colgan's Chips.  As always please inquire if you are looking for something vintage football or vintage baseball related that is not listed on our website.  We have had a great first three months of the year with sales and acquisitions so th

Over 400 items added!

Thanks from MSB Sports Cards for your business over the last 5+ years. We have been adding new inventory and will continue to do so through the upcoming National in Chicago. Of note are multiple groups of pre-war baseball cards, vintage football programs and tickets, and an assortment of other items that we have acquired since the beginning of the year.

Vintage Bowman Football Cards

Some of the most beautiful football cards in the hobby were produced by the Bowman Gum Company in the early 1950's.  The sets are loaded were stars and Hall of Fame members from the golden days of the NFL.  Please see our selection of Bowman cards as well as a 1950 wax box.  MSB continues to add new football inventory almost daily so check back often or send us an email with any special requests or wants.  Thanks again for your support.

1932 Green Bay Packers Walker's Cleaners: Commemorating the NFL's first dynasty

Call it a failed promotion, or maybe too expensive of a venture for the Great Depression...but Packers Walker's Cleaners are such a rare collectible that they could not have possibly been produced in any great quantity. We have been tracking and searching for these premiums for the last 15 years and to this point have been able to account for four complete sets, two partials (almost complete) and a handful of singles. According the frontpiece of the album that was made to hold the individual prints, premiums were to be redeemed weekly at the Walker's Cleaners shop in Green Bay.


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