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There is no better way to get a feel for the games of yesterday than to own an item that was clenched in the fist of a rabid fan or in the pocket of an attendee.  Programs and tickets were part of the event; and the information, photos, and period ads help us to relive or at least get a feel for the moment.

Football season never ends at MSB Sports Cards...over 300 new items added!

First we would like to thank all our new customers (and of course those of you that have been with us since day one nearly three years ago) for their business since the inception of last October.  We continue to add inventory including 300 new items, many rare and unique.  The vintage football hobby is thriving, some say taking off right in our midst, and many incredible items seem to be surfacing every day.  Please view our selection of early NFL and college programs and tickets, football matchbooks, Packers Walkers Cleaners, a complete set of 1926 Red Grange Shotwell ad

1950 Topps Felt Back Football Cards

In 1950 Topps was a fledgling gum company struggling for market share with companies like Leaf and Bowman.  Within five years they would be the undisputed king.  Although likely produced in 1949, Topps produced a 125 card (100 total players) set of college players that today are generally referred to by most collectors as 1950 Felt Back.  The cards were made around the same size as the gum pieces that Topps produced, a little smaller than an inch by and an inch and a half.  On the front of the cards is a black and white photo on a color background.  The reverses are felt lined and show the

Eat your Wheaties!

During the depression era and to this day Wheaties Cereal Brand has used various on-box promotions to attract customers. From 1935 to 1937, Wheaties pictured some of the biggest names in college and professional (NFL) football on their boxes. 50 panels in all were produced during that time, with all being somewhat rare and a number of them exceedingly so. Stars like Nagurski, Hutson, Grange, Nevers, Friedman, and Herber all made appearances. Many of the players pictured were never issued on another product. The set is especially popular with college collectors.

1932 Green Bay Packers Walker's Cleaners: Commemorating the NFL's first dynasty

Call it a failed promotion, or maybe too expensive of a venture for the Great Depression...but Packers Walker's Cleaners are such a rare collectible that they could not have possibly been produced in any great quantity. We have been tracking and searching for these premiums for the last 15 years and to this point have been able to account for four complete sets, two partials (almost complete) and a handful of singles. According the frontpiece of the album that was made to hold the individual prints, premiums were to be redeemed weekly at the Walker's Cleaners shop in Green Bay.

500 new items added!

We continue to upload our inventory to the website so please check back often.  Recent additions include single 12 card cello packs from a 1959 Topps football box, 1933 and 1934 Diamond Match matchcovers including many HOFers, over 100 T207's including rarities with Cycle, Broadleaf, anonymous, and Napoleon reverses, early Rose Bowl Programs, New York football Giants tickets from the first championship season of 1927, Colgan's Chips, Packers Walker's Cleaners, and much much more!  Please contact with any questions and thanks for stopping by.

Diamond Match football...a collectible link to the early days of the NFL

For vintage football collectors, very little mainstream material exists from the early days of the NFL.  Prior to 1948, the only card issue that was relatively widely distributed is the 1935 National Chicle set. The 36 cards in this beautiful set only wet the appetite of the vintage collector.  Luckily other early NFL collectibles exist.  The Diamond Match Company produced matchbooks depicting college and professional players from 1933 to 1938; hundreds of players were featured.  Matchcovers are an excellent collecting option that range from attainable to incredibly rare.


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