Stars of the Diamond: 1909 -1911 E254 Colgan's Chips

In 1909 the Colgan's Gum Company in Louisville, Kentucky began producing what would end two years later as a 289 card set containing 226 different players.  Colgan's were continuously updated during those two years as at least several print runs were done to correct errors, change font style and orientation, as well as document team changes. As a result there are multiple levels of rarity within the set with some cards being very common and others being extremely rare ( and the rest falling somewhere in between).

Most interestingly the cards are round, produced to fit within the Colgan's tins that held ten pieces of gum and "a ball player in every container". 

We have a large grouping of Colgan's ranging from common to very rare, raw to graded, and mid grade to the highest graded 1/1's.  ( PSA 8's and 9's).

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