Late 19th Century Football Player Salt Print Sculptograph & Cabinet

Museum quality vintage football portrait from the late 1800's...placing it chronologically at the figurative dawn of the game. The piece requires some explanation as it is not a standard portrait; rather it is a salt print "Sculptograph" done in bas relief format. The effect when viewing the portrait is three dimensional, stunning and haunting. The piece was produced by the Great Eastern Art Company of New York whose advertising card accompanies the piece. In addition, the original cabinet, produced by M. A. Scraford of Schenectady, New York and utilized to produce the scupltograph, has been preserved an is also included with the lot. The portrait measures 18" x 22" and is professionally framed. The piece shows some wear but overall displays very well for its 115+ years. The original 5" x 7" cabinet has a tear in the right border and corner wear as well as indiscernible writing on the reverse. The Great Eastern Art Company 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" advertising card is in poor condition; missing an entire corner and cracked into three pieces. Possibly the oldest football piece of its type. Originally part of the legendary Duke Hott collection.

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