Football season never ends at MSB Sports Cards...over 300 new items added!

First we would like to thank all our new customers (and of course those of you that have been with us since day one nearly three years ago) for their business since the inception of last October.  We continue to add inventory including 300 new items, many rare and unique.  The vintage football hobby is thriving, some say taking off right in our midst, and many incredible items seem to be surfacing every day.  Please view our selection of early NFL and college programs and tickets, football matchbooks, Packers Walkers Cleaners, a complete set of 1926 Red Grange Shotwell ad back cards, just to list a few.  For those of you that are vintage baseball enthusiasts we have many E254 Colgan's Chips, T3 Turkey Red's, and T210's available in addition to other early baseball items.  The T207's have been selling steadily, but almost half of the set remains with many rarities still available.  Coming in the next few months will be additional National Chicle football, N300 and N302 Mayo's Cut Plug Baseball and Football, 19th century football, and many rare and early vintage football publications.  Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding inventory that you may be looking for...we just might have it.  Thanks again,

John & Andy

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