1950 Topps Felt Back Football Cards

In 1950 Topps was a fledgling gum company struggling for market share with companies like Leaf and Bowman.  Within five years they would be the undisputed king.  Although likely produced in 1949, Topps produced a 125 card (100 total players) set of college players that today are generally referred to by most collectors as 1950 Felt Back.  The cards were made around the same size as the gum pieces that Topps produced, a little smaller than an inch by and an inch and a half.  On the front of the cards is a black and white photo on a color background.  The reverses are felt lined and show the player's college pennant.  Players appear with only one or two color backgrounds.  The colors include green, red, blue, and brown.  The 25 players with brown backgrounds can also be found with yellow backgrounds (which are more difficult to find than their brown counterparts).  Some of the more sought after cards in the set are those of Ernie Stautner, Lou Creekmur, Doak Walker, and a few others that ended up having significant playing or coaching careers.  The key card of the set is that of the legendary Joe Paterno.  Collectors have mixed feelings about the set, some enjoy the unique nature of the cards and player selection (many players are represented only in this set) while others find the set unappealing for the same reasons.  Like them or not, they are Topps first exclusive football set and that alone makes them a significant collectible.  Please see or selection of 1950 Topps Felt Back football cards by either using the search function or clicking on the "Topps Football Cards" link in the left toolbar.  

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