1945 military program El Toro Marines vs Second Air Force Superbombers (Elroy Hirsch estate)

1945 military program for the El Toro Marines versus the second Air Force Superbombers. The game was played on October 14th, 1945. During World War II and after many active servicemen played football for their divisions. The quality of play was as high if not better than the teams in the NFL at the same time. Many former, current, and future NFL stars were on the rosters. El Toro had Paula Governali, Elroy Hirsch, and Wee Willie Wilkin just to list a few. The Superbombers had Heisman winner Frank Sinkwich, and HOFers Tom Fears and Bulldog Turner. The 20 page program is in excellent condition with pictures throughout. A great piece of football and American history. The program came directly from the estate of Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch.

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