1932 Green Bay Packers Walker's Cleaners: Commemorating the NFL's first dynasty

Call it a failed promotion, or maybe too expensive of a venture for the Great Depression...but Packers Walker's Cleaners are such a rare collectible that they could not have possibly been produced in any great quantity. We have been tracking and searching for these premiums for the last 15 years and to this point have been able to account for four complete sets, two partials (almost complete) and a handful of singles. According the frontpiece of the album that was made to hold the individual prints, premiums were to be redeemed weekly at the Walker's Cleaners shop in Green Bay. Complete sets seem to be more common than random singles...which possibly indicates that the albums may been issued as a complete set rather than piecing them together one by one.

The 9" x 10" individual premiums are true vintage football collectible gems. The heavy stock paper, sepia toned portraits with facsimile signatures, and attached tabs imply that a great amount of thought and effort went into the production of these pieces. Many early stars of the NFL are on the checklist of this 27 player set including Johnny "Blood" McNally, Arnie Herber, Cal Hubbard, Mike Michalske, Bo Molenda, Fay "Mule" Wilson, Vern Lewellen, and Lavvie Dilweg. Nearly half of the players in the set are members of the Packers Hall of Fame.

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