1889 1890 Edgar Allen Poe, Princeton, Pach Brothers Cabinet

One of the most spectacular pieces we have ever handled; a oversized Pach Brothers cabinet of Edgar Allen Poe of Princeton. Poe was one of six brothers to play football at Princeton (brother Nielsen appears in the N302 Mayo's Cut Plug set). The brothers were second cousins of the great American poet and author. This Poe brother was named after his famous cousin. The massive cabinet shows Poe holding a ball in full uniform, likely during the 1889 or 1890 seasons. Poe was chosen as the quarterback for the first All-American team in 1889 and captained Princeton in both 1889 and 1890. The cabinet measures 7 1/2" x 13" and has has gilded edges and lettering. The bottom left corner, as can be seen in the scans, is damaged. In the black area beneath the photo "Edgar Allen Poe Captain Princeton Football Team" is written in pencil. A newspaper article discussing Poe's attributes has been affixed to the reverse. A centerpiece for almost any collection. From the Mike Blaisdell collection.

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